to the Web3 Evangelist Program.

Join us on an exciting adventure as we build the decentralized web. Together, we can shape the future and challenge established norms.


The Evangelist Profile

Are you an inquisitive individual, a driven self-starter, or someone who sees technology as a catalyst for positive change? Join us as a Web3 Evangelist and play a role in advancing society.

Empowerment and Flexibility

Our platform aims to support your success by offering resources, guidance, and a flexible approach tailored to your growth and development. We'll collaborate with you to address challenges specific to your region.

Join the Movement

Ready to be part of the Web3 movement? Begin your journey as a Web3 Evangelist and help us make decentralization a reality for generations to come.



Find answers to common questions related to the Web3 Evangelist Program.

What is the Web3 Evangelist (W3E) program?

The W3E program is a volunteer-based initiative made up of individuals who are passionate about decentralized infrastructures, technologies, and projects in the Web3 space.

Who is behind the Web3 Evangelist (W3E) program?

The Web3 Evangelist Program is supported by Factor and Gnosis Builders.

How does the Web3 Evangelist (W3E) program work?

The Web3 Evangelist (W3E) program invites or selects individuals who align with our values and vision to develop the Web3 space fully. We provide the Evangelist with training materials and resources to engage and make an impact in their local communities through social channels, offline events, and other platforms. 

What types of activities will Evangelist be working on?

Evangelist can participate in various activities to grow their local community, such as: 

  • Community: Manage discussions and write non-technical content.
  • Creative: Support marketing and branding initiatives via design, video, or content.
  • Developer Relations: Write and upgrade code on the decentralized web and become a developer advocate.
  • Events: Organize Web3 events and workshops.
  • Influencing: Share your thoughts and updates on Web3.
  • Recruitment: Help onboard new Web3 Evangelists.

What are the benefits of joining the Web3 Evangelist (W3E) program?

Here’s a few we’d like to highlight:

  • Opportunities to make a strong positive impact in your community and network with like-minded professionals in the Web3 space.
  • Familiar with decentralized technologies via learning, discussing, and evangelizing decentralized projects.
  • Strengthen your communication, leadership, marketing, and recruiting skills.
  • Access to exclusive training resources and events organization.

Who can participate in the Web3 Evangelist (W3E) program?

Whether you’re a current student, recent graduate, active community member, or someone new to blockchain, we welcome everyone: so long as you are passionate, thrive in fast-paced environments, willing to learn and have the courage to take initiative.

When can I start to be a Web3 Evangelist? Is there a deadline to apply?

This is a rolling basis program. There is no hard deadline by which you need to submit your application.



Get access to a wealth of resources to help you on your path as a Web3 Evangelist.


Web3 Fundamentals

Curated reading lists and articles on the basics of Web3, blockchain, and decentralized technologies.


Decentralization Bootcamp

Hands-on workshops designed to teach the basics of Web3 development and decentralized applications.


Web3 Thought Leaders

Guest lectures and talks from some of the most innovative thinkers and doers in the Web3 space.


Meet the Founders

Opportunities to meet and network with the builders and innovators who are pushing the boundaries of Web3 technology.


Peer Learning

A space for Evangelists to share their own experiences and insights, and learn from each other as they explore and develop their Web3 skills.


Technical Mastery

Advanced technical workshops covering topics like smart contract development, cryptography, and security.


DAO 101

Workshops and resources focused on the process of setting up a new DAO, including governance models and best practices for launching and managing a decentralized organization.


NFTs and Digital Art

Workshops and resources focused on the emerging world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and their applications in digital art, including topics such as creating, selling, and collecting NFTs, as well as exploring the future of digital ownership and provenance.


DeFi Fundamentals

Workshops and resources focused on the basics of decentralized finance (DeFi), including topics such as understanding key concepts like liquidity pools and yield farming, exploring popular DeFi protocols, and learning about the benefits and risks of using DeFi applications.


Security and Privacy

Workshops and resources focused on privacy and security in the Web3 space, including topics such as cryptography, anonymous transactions, secure storage of digital assets, and best practices for protecting personal data in decentralized applications.

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